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Update! As of Monday 11th April, we have received 2 expressions of interest in sponsoring a milepost (thank you!) and one donation via the button above! Looks like we’re off…

A very interesting email came in via the website. Someone suggested that the milestones, all around Mull, might be refurbished to celebrate HM Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee and also to remember HM Queen Victoria, in whose honour the milestones were originally installed. Some folks may remember that long-standing MH&AS member Peter Keeley, took on the task of refurbishing the mileposts from Knock to Kilfinichan as his Mullennium project (Yes, it was the MULLennium here!). Now, all the Mull milestones are in need of attention and so, at the AGM on Friday 8th April, we agreed to take on the task. We’ll be inviting local businesses to sponsor renovation of a milepost (maybe one close to their business) and we already have volunteers lined up to wield the paintbrushes. The cast iron mileposts will need to be rubbed down, painted with red lead paint then white exterior matt gloss paint and then the letters and numbers picked out in black paint. We’ll need to buy the materials including brushes etc. so donations will be very welcome. You can do this via our PayPal link above.¬†We’ll keep you updated about our progress.


It’s amazing how a milepost can generate so much passion! The residents of Pennyghael have said they want this milestone to retain it’s distinctive colour

Of course it should.

Not only is the Pennyghael Pink a part of Pennyghael’s character, it’s also a tribute to Hughie Morrison who painted it. It’s thought that Hughie painted this about thirty years ago and, if that’s the case, the milestone has stood up to Mull’s weather really well. It still looks pretty smart. Thank you to whoever took the photographs which I copied from the Mull History and Archaeology Face Book page.