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Cists at Callachally

Callachally farm is 0.5 km south of the Craignure to Salen road just west of Pennygown, at the bottom of Glen Forsa.  There are the remains of a short cist on the crest of an esker about 190 m east of Callachally.  The two side-slabs and the west end-slab survive in situ, but the east-end slab has fallen inwards.  The cist measures about 0.7 m by 0.5 m internally and approximately 0.6 m in depth.

Two Beakers, fragments of a bronze blade, and a greenstone bracer were donated to the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland in 1872 from the farm at Callachally.  They may have come from this cist.  The finds are now in the National Museum of Scotland.

                         Grid Reference NM 593 422