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Ulva Volunteers

Exciting things are happening on Ulva and YOU can be part of it.

From 2018, when Ulva came into Community Ownership, MH&AS has been delighted to be involved in the plans for Ulva’s future. We are optimistic that our book collection, currently in unsuitable storage and unavailable to readers, may find a new home in the library in Ulva House.

But more importantly, we have been given the opportunity to provide a team of guides, both in the house and its grounds and on Ulva more widely, visiting some of the many sites of historical interest.

If you would like to know more about what would be involved in guiding, you can get in touch with MH&AS Chair, Anne Cleave at A training programme will be developed that is appropriate for Ulva and it will be delivered by professionals with expertise in the field.

Initially the plan is to provide guides on 2 half days per week throughout the summer months and 1  half day per week at other times. All the guiding will be by appointment and in small groups, appropriate to the building and the ease of guiding.

Training will be provided, and we would like to know what kind of training volunteers would like to participate in. Are you a keen walker? Would you prefer to be based in Ulva House? Would you like a set of notes for reference/answering questions? There’s a place for all volunteers regardless of age, gender or ethnicity.

Knowledge of Ulva will be essential. Guides will need to know about the history of the Island, about Ulva’s people, their lives, occupation and what happened to them (clearances, famine etc.), and the important historical characters connected to the Island such as Dr Johnson and his companion Mr Bosell, who visited Mull and Ulva in 1773; Sir Lachlan Macquarie, an early governor of New South  Wales from 1810–21, and missionary David Livingstone, whose father’s family came from Ulva, to name just a few.

There is a budget to cover the costs of travel so no one would be out of pocket. Provision is also being made for those with reduced mobility.

So, widen your horizons, get in touch and join the band of Volunteers who are going to make Ulva a success.