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Dun nan Gall

This dun lies about 800 m south of Croig Farmhouse and occupies the summit of a rocky knoll .  It is protected to the north east by a 9.0 m high, shear rock face, but is accessible from the south west where the cliffs diminish in height and grassy slopes offer a comparatively easy approach.  The internal enclosure measures 26 m by 13.5 m and was defended on all but the north-east side by a dry-stone wall.  No artificial defence was necessary to the north east where the shear cliff offered natural protection.  The dry-stone wall remains as a low, grass-covered band of core material about 3.0 m in width.

The entrance is on the north-west side and its shape reflects that of the summit, which is indented here.  The wall terminals are staggered..  A modern dry-stone wall has been built across its mouth.

                         Grid Reference NM 400531