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Cruach Sleibhe Dun

On the level summit of a rocky outcrop on the east face of Cruach Sleibhe, about 550m north of Calgary Farmhouse, there are the wasted remains of a stone-walled enclosure which may have been a dun.  It is surrounded on the south east by a steep rock face and on the north west by boggy ground.

It is oval in shape, but the single wall has been heavily robbed leaving only a scattering of grass-covered debris surrounding all but the south east side of the summit of the outcrop.  The internal enclosure measures 14 m by 9.5 m.  The position of the entrance is unclear.

A relatively-recent, ruinous stone wall crosses the enclosure and a recent boundary wall has been built on top of the enclosure wall on the north side.

                         Grid Reference NM 377 522