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Dun Auladh

This dun is situated about 340 m SSE of Druimghigha, between the Allt tor a’ Bhacain and its tributary, the Allt Dun Auladh.  It is sited on a rocky knoll and is protected on the east side by a sheer rock face, but on the west side can be approached via a low, grassy slope.

It is roughly oval in shape, the inner enclosure measuring 15.3 m by 7 m.  The wall  is about 2.4 m thick, but is largely reduced to a spread of rubble core material.  However, on the south-west side a number of massive facing-stones remain in place on both the inner and outer faces.  The position of the entrance is unknown, but was probably on the WSW where the spread of the rubble is narrower for a short distance.

                         Grid Reference NM 408 521