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Dun Aoidhean, Erraid

On the summit of a rocky outcrop at the north-east corner of the tidal island of Erraid lie the slight remains of a dun.  The site overlooks the north end of Erraid Sound and is protected by a 12.8 m sheer rock face on the east side that decreases progressively to 3.2 m on the west.

The dun is irregular in shape and measures about 21 m by 17 m internally.  The wall survives only on the west side, where a light spread of rubble core material can be seen.  A few outer facing-stones are still in place.  There is no wall surviving on the east side.  The position of the entrance is unclear, bit it may have been within a gap in the rubble on the WSW.

                        Grid Reference NM 306 202