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Cnoc na Sroine Dun

The conspicuous remains of this dun lie at the head of the valley of the Allt a’ Chaisteil, about 950 m south of Glenaros House.  It is sited on a rocky outcrop and can be accessed from the south west over rocky ground.  The ground falls steeply away on the north-east side.

It is oval in plan.  The wall is 3 m thich and considerable stretches of the inner and outer faces remain.  The best preserved section of the outer face is on the south side, where it stands 1.6 m high and slopes inwards as it gains height.  The entrance is about 1.8 m wide and is on the WSW side.  The inner court measures 28 m by 19 m. 

South west of the dun the rocky shelf is bordered by the remains of a dry-stone wall which, it is suggested, was an outwork.

                         Grid Reference NM 555 433