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An Sean Dun

An Sean Dun lies about 1.2 km south west of Glengorm Castle and is one of the best-preserved duns on Mull.  Sited on the highest point of a ridge running NNE-SSE, it is protected on the east by a sheer rock face, and approaches from other directions are across rough, rocky terrain.

A circular wall, about 3 m thick and faced with large blocks, encloses an internal court approximately 9 m in diameter.  The circuit of the inner face is complete and that of the outer face nearly so.  The best-preserved stretches of the outer face are on the north where the wall stands to a height of 1 m.  The entrance, on the ESE, has been protected by an outwork running from the cliff edge on the east side to the dun wall on the south.  A 1 m wide gap in the south-west face of the inner wall may be the entrance to a recess or stair.  There is also a scarcement ledge on the north-west and SSE sides.

                         Grid Reference NM 431 562