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 Books of Interest

All you need to know about Mull, Iona & Staffa. David Howitt & D. McAdam, New Mull Guide, Craignure [1988]

Altera Merces: The Burial Grounds of Pennygown, Gruline, Knock, Cill an Alein in North Mull. Brown & Whittaker [2003], ISBN 1-904353-02-9

Another Kind of Magic. Douglas Brown,  Island Spring [2000] ISBN 0 9539036 0 5

The Archaeology of Argyll. Graham Ritchie, (ed), Edinburgh University Press [1997], ISBN 0-7486-0645-9

Ardmeanach:  A Hidden Corner of Mull. Jackie Le May, New Iona Press [1995[, ISBN 0-9516283-5-6

Argyll Estate Instructions 1771-1805. E.R. Cregeen, Scottish Historical Society [1964]

Argyll the Enduring Heartland. Marion Campbell, House of Lochar [2001], ISBN 9 899863 82 6

Argyll: An Inventory of the Monuments Volume 3: Mull, Tiree, Coll & Northern Argyll (excluding the Early Medieval and later monuments of Iona). Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland [1980], ISBN 0-11-491591-1

Argyll: An Inventory of the Monuments Volume 4: Iona. Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland [1982], ISBN 0-11-491728-0

As It Was. Donald Mackenzie, Birlinn [2000], ISBN 1-84158-042-2

Bare Feet and Tackety Boots. A. Cameron, Luath Press [1988], ISBN 0-946487-17-0

The Beatons: A Medical Kindred in the Classical Gaelic Tradition. John Donald Bannerman, [1998], ISBN 0-85976-489-3

The Beautiful Island of Mull.  Thomas Hannan, Robert Grant & Son [1926]

Behold the Hebrides. Douglas Sutherland, Leslie Frewin [1968], ISBN 09 089060 4

The Best Rally in the World. Brian Molyneux,  2300 Club Ltd [1994]

Beyond the Highland Line ‘Three Journals of Travel in Eighteenth Century Scotland’. A.J. Youngson, Collins [1974], ISBN o oo 216051 3  

Birds of Mull, Madders, Mike & Snow, Philip, Saker Press 1987

The Birds of Mulll and Iona. Graham, H D, David Douglas 1890

A Book about MacQuarries. McQuary, R L, private 1989

British Tertiary Volcanic Province. Emeleus, C H & Gyopari, M C, Geological Conservation Review Series, No. 4, Chapman & Hall 1992, ISBN 0 41247 980 7

Caledonian Sketches or a Tour through Scotland in 1807. A review. An article extracted from the Quarterly Review, 1809. Carr, Sir John, John Murray, London 1809

Clan MacGillivray. MacGillivray, Robert, private 1968

Clan MacQuarrie – A History. Munro, R W & MacQuarrie, A, private 1995/6

Clans of the Scottish Highlands. McIan, R R, Chancellor Press 1983, ISBN 0 907486 38 X

Columba. Tranter, N, Hodder & Stoughton 1987, ISBN 0-340-40699-2

Columba’s Island. Macarthur, E M, EUP 1995, ISBN 0-7486-0737-4

A Companion and Useful Guide to the Beauties of Scotland. Murray, Sarah, Byways 1982 (1st 1799), ISBN 0 907448 02 X

County of Argyll Sheep Marks. Allan, Major W D, Oban Times 1926

Crofts and Farms in the Hebrides. [8th]Duke of Argyll, David Douglas, Edinburgh 1883

Description of Icolmkill and the Island of Staffa. Pennant, Thomas, c. 1772

A Description of the Western Islands of Scotland. A Voyage to St Kilda. Martin, Martin, Birlinn 1999, ISBN 1 84158 020 1

A Description of the Western Islands of Scotland Circa 1695. Martin, M, Andrew Bell, Cornhill 1703

Discovering Argyll Mull and Iona. Orr, Willie, John Donald 1990, ISBN 0 85976 269 6

The Discovery of the Hebrides. Bray, Elizabeth, Collins 1986, ISBN 0 00 435661 6

Domestic Life of Scotland in the 18th Century. Plant, Marjorie, Edinburgh University Press 1952

The Druimard Cook Book. Hesketh, B & M, Mull Little Theatre Publication, The Oban Times, date unknown

An Economical History of the Hebrides and Highlands of Scotland. 2 vols. Walker, John, Guthrie & Anderson 1812

Edward Lhuyd in the Scottish Highlands 1699-1700. Campbell, J L & Thomson, D, Clarendon Press 1963

An Eye on the Hebrides. Hedderwick, Mairi, Canongate 1981, ISBN 0 86241 211 0

Farmer in the Western Isles. Mackenzie, D, Faber & Faber 1954

Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae. Vol 4. Scott, H, Oliver & Boyd 1923

Ferries in Scotland. Weir, Marie, John Donald 1988, ISBN 0 85976 235 1

Flowers of Iona. Millar, Jean M, New Iona Press 1993 ISBN 0 9516283 3 X

Footsteps of Dr. Johnson (Scotland). Hill, G B, Sampson Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington 1890

The Founding of Tobermory. Munro, Jean, Hereward Press (for the Society of West Highland and Island History Research) 1976

The Gaelic Bards of Morvern. Thornber, Iain, Iain Thornber 1985

General View of the Agriculture of the Hebrides or Western Isles of Scotland. Macdonald, J, Great Britain Board of Agriculture 1811

George Douglas 8th Duke of Argyll. Dowager Duchess of Argyll (Ed), John Murray 1906

Glen More, A Drive through History. LeMay, J & Gardner, J, Brown & Whittaker 2001, ISBN 0-9532775-6-9

Go Listen to the Crofters. Cameron, A D, Acair 1986, ISBN 0 86152 063 7

Gometra, Ulva, Iona and Beyond: the MacDonald Family of Carey’s Ranges. Downes, B A & Horwood, L C (Ed), B A Downes 1994, ISBN 0 646 14100 7

The Great Mull Air Mystery. Macadam, Scott, Staffa Press 1985

Gus am Bris an La: the Burial Grounds of Kilninian, Kilmorer, Treshhish, Calgary, Ulva & G0metra In North Mull.  Brown & Whittaker 2006 ISBN 1 904 353 08 0 

Handbook to the Islands of Mull and Iona. MacPhail, Rev. J W, Archd. Sinclair, Glasgow 1939

Healing Threads, Beith, Mary, Polygon 1995, ISBN 0 7486 6199 9

Hebridean Childhood. Fairfax-Lucy, Lady N, Molendinar Press 1981, ISBN0-904002-56-X

Hebridean Decade: Mull, Coll and Tiree 1761-1771. Maclean Bristol, N, Society of West Highland & Island Historical Research 1982, ISBN 0-906-366-02

Hebridean Holiday. Hamilton, Owen, Williams & Norgate 1936

Hebridean Memories. Gordon, Seton, Cassell 1923, ISBN 1 897784 43 0

Highland Folkways. Grant, I F, Routledge 1961, ISBN 0 415 00226 5

Highland Memories. Low, Margaret, private 1991?

Highland Tours. Hogg, James, Byways 1981, ISBN 0 907448 00 3

Highland Welcome. Thomson, A A, Herbert Jenkins Ltd 1951

Highways and Byways in Mull. MacNab, P A, Luath Press 1988, ISBN 0-946487-16-2

Highways and Byways in the West Highlands. Gordon, S, Macmillan 1935

Historic Visitors to Mull, Iona, & Staffa. Eckstein, E, Excalibur Press 1992, ISBN 1-85634-176-3

The History of Argyll – Up to the Beginning of the Sixteenth Century. MacDonald, Colin M, W&R Holmes 1951

A History of the Clan Maclean. Maclean, J P, Robert Clarke & Co., Cincinnati 1889

A History of Kilmore Church. Peel, Hilary M, Brown & Whittaker 2004, ISBN 1 904353 07 X

History of the Island of Mull. Vols 1 & 2. Maclean, J P, Frank H Jones & Son, Greenville Ohio 1923 and 1925

Hons and Rebels. Mitford, J, Gollancz 1977, ISBN0-575-01096-7

I’m a Limid. Hesketh, Barrie, A Mull Little Theatre Publication 1974

In Scotland Again. Morton, H V, Methuen 1933

Inhabitants of the Inner Isles Morvern & Ardnamurchan 1716. Maclean Bristol N (Ed), Scottish Record Soc. 1998, ISBN 0-905695-14-3

Iona. Macarthur, E M, EUP 1990, ISBN 0-7486-0214-3

Iona. Duke of Argyll, David Douglas

Iona: A Guide and Brief History. Gore, Charles, Finlay Ross Ltd 1976

The Iona Marble Quarry. Viner, D, New Iona Press 1992, ISBN 0-9516283-2-1

Iona to Ardnamurchan by Mull, Coll, and Tiree. Thomson, D P, Crieff 1956

Island Britain. Crookston, P (Ed), Book Club Associates 1981, CN 3172

The Island Clans during Six Centuries. The Macleod of Macleod. Rev. Canon R C, Robert Carruthers & Sons 1931

Island of Mull; Its History, Scenes and Legends. An Interesting Guide to the Island. Mac Cormick, J, Alex. Maclaren & Sons 1923

The Island. Erraid, Jane, Illingworth Press 1957

Island Voices. MacKenzie, Ann, Birlinn 2002, ISBN 1 84158 174 7

The Isle of Mull, Placenames, Meanings and Stories.  Maclean, C, Maclean Publications 1997, ISBN 0-9532300-0-7

The Isle of Mull. A Sort Guide to the Island. Turner, N & Finlay, A, Turner & Finlay 1966

The Isle of Mull. Finlay, A & Coomber, R, Finlay >1971

The Isle of Ulva: A Visitor’s Guide. Howard, J & Jones, A, 1990

Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides with Samuel Johnson, LL.D. Boswell, James 1786

A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland AND The Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides.  Johnson, Samuel & Boswell, James, Penguin Classics 1984 ISBN 0140432213

A Journey through England and Scotland to the Hebrides in 1784. Saint Fond B. Faujas de, revised edition Geikie, Sir Archibald (Ed), 2 Vols, Hugh Hopkins, Glasgow 1907

A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland. Macdonald, J F, Macdonald  1983

Justiciary Records of Argyll and the Isles 1664-1742. Imrie, John (Ed), The Stair Society 1969

Kidnapped. Stevenson, R L, 1st published in Young Folks magazine 1886

Lachlan Macquarie: from Mull to Australia. Marsden, F, Brown & Whittaker 2001, ISBN 0-9532775-7-7

Lachlan Macquarrie: his life, adventures and times. 2nd edn, Ellis, M H, Angus & Robertson, Sydney 1952

Lady Victoria Campbell A Memoir. Balfour,  LadyFrances, Hodder & Stoughton c. 1900

The Land of the Hills and the Glens. Gordon, Seton, Cassell 1929

Lays of the Highlands and Islands. Blackie, John Stuart, Walter Scott 1888

Let’s see Mull and Iona. Seton, G, William S Thomson c. 1950s

Life and Letters of Thomas Campbell. Beattie, William (Ed), Hall, Virtue & Co. 1850

Little Book of Poems Hardwidge, Robert, A, private 1999

Lost Townships, Silent Voices. Douglass, M A & B, Library Service 2003, ISBN 1-903041-06-6

Macleans. Currie, J, Brown & Whittaker 2002, ISBN 1-904353-00-2

The Macleans of Killean & Ardfinaig. Maclean, Brian, private 1999

Macleod of Dare. 3 Vols. Black, William, Macmillan 1878

MacDonald’s Guide to Staffa Iona and Island of Mull. Macdonald, H, Hugh Macdonald Ltd, Oban c. 1950s

Macqaurie: From Colony to Country. Dillon, Harry & Butler, Peter, Random House, Australia 2010, ISBN 1864710306

The Making of the Crofting Community. Hunter, James, John Donald 2000, ISBN 0 85976 537 7

Megalithic Sites in Britain. Thom, A, Oxford University Press 1967, ISBN 0198131488

Memories of Mull. Houston, I, Ross of Mull Historical Centre 2003

Mendelssohn in Scotland. Jenkins, D & Visocchi, M, Chappell 1978, ISBN 090344318X

Minutes of the Synod of Argyll 1639-1651. 2 vols. Mactavish, Duncan C. (Ed), Scottish History Society 1943

The Mitford Girls, Lovell, M S, Ted Smart 2001, ISBN 0-316-85868-4

Monro’s Western Isles of Scotland. Muno R W (Ed), Oliver & Boyd 1961

Mull and Iona. MacNab, P A, Pevensey Island Guides 1995, ISBN 0-907115-92-6

Mull and Iona. Macnab, P A, David and Charles 1987, ISBN 0-7153-8901-7

The Mull Connection. Carmichael, Shaun, Regency Press 1993

The Mull Diaries: The Diaries of James Robertson, Sheriff Substitute at Tobermory1842-1846. Robertson, J, Joseph Buist Loudon (Ed), Argyll & Bute Library Service 2001

Mull Family Names. Currie, J, Brown & Whittaker 1998, ISBN 0-9528428-8-2

Mull in the Making. Jones, Rosalind, Rosalind Jones 1997, ISBN 0 9531890 0 7

Mull in the Shaping. Jones, Rosalind, Craigmore Publications 21012 ISBN 978 0 9531890 4 5

Mull of the Isles the Fairest. Finlay, C K, Pentland Press 1988, ISBN 0-946270-56-2

Mull: Natural History. Whittaker, Jean, Brown & Wittaker 1995

Mull: The Island and its People. Currie, J, Berlinn 2010, ISBN 1904607985

A Mull-titude Of Facts. Mull Writers Group

Murder Under Trust. Maclean-Bristol, Nicholas, Tuckwell 1999, ISBN 1 86232 -16 0

My Lady of Aros. Brandane, John, Pitman 1910 

Na Baird Leathanach: The Maclean Bards. 2 vols. Maclean Sinclair Rev. A Haszard & Moore, Charlottetown 1898

Nancy Mitford. Hastings, S, Hamish Hamilton 1985, ISBN 0-241-11684-8

Natural History in the Highlands & Islands. Darling, F, Fraser Collins 1947

Northern Lights. Scott, Sir Walter, Byways 1982, ISBN 0 907448 01 1

On the Crofters’ Trail. Craig, David Jonathan, Cape 1990, ISBN 0 224 03225 9

One Man in His Time: Biography of David James. Robson, John, Spellmont Ltd 1998, ISBN 1862270368

Orain nan Gaidheal: vol. 1: Songs of the Gael. Campbell, Bruce (Ed), Gairm Publications 1987, ISBN 0901771 85 6

Orain nan Gaidheal: vol. 2: Songs of the Gael. Campbell, Bruce (Ed), Gairm Publications 1989, ISBN 0901771 99 6

Over the sea to Mull. Wylie, Kathleen, private Alna Press 1961

Passages from the Past. 2 vols. 9th Duke of Argyll, Hutchinson 1907

The Pirate of Torloisk. Maclean, Alexander, Oban Times (printer) c. 1982

The Place Names of Mull. MacQuarrie, D M, D M MacQuarrie 1982

Poems of Mull and Iona. Leslie, Lionel, Grasspoint Isle of Mull c. 1957

Poems of Thomas Campbell. Campbell, L (Ed), Macmillan 1904

Renaissance of the Clan Maclean. Maclean, J P, The F J Heer Printing Co. 1913

Roadways and Stardust. Pease, P J, Jamieson & Munro 1934

The Ross of Mull Granite Quarries. Faithfull, Joan, New Iona Press 1995, ISBN 0 9516283 6 4

Sable Night. Roy, Archie, Apogee 1973, ISBN 1 869935 03 9

Salen Church – A History. Peel, H M, CC Design &Publications 2001, ISBN 0-9541192-0-7

Scotland’s Insolved Mysteries of the Twentieth Century. Wilson, Richard, Robert Hale 1989, ISBN 0 7090 3828 3

The Scottish Highlands. Dunnett, D & A, Guild Publishing 1988, CN6241

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Scottish Islands. Waite, Charlie, Constable 1989, ISBN 0 09 467570 8

Scottish Islands. Grimble, Ian, BBC 1985, ISBN 0-563 20361 7

Some Poems. Bray, Madge Dudgeon, Sarah & Blair Spence

The Squire of Bentley. Ellis, Maudie, William Blackwood 1926

St Columba and the Holy Isle of the Garvellachs. Murray, Lt-Col the Hon. A, Oliver & Boyd 1950

Staffa: Home of the Renowned Fingal’s Cave. Watteville, Alastair de. Romsey Fine Art 1993, ISBN 0 9521517 0 7

Statistical Account of Argyleshire. Blackwood 1845

The Story of Mull and Iona. Hesketh, N, James Thin 1988, ISBN 0-901824-89-5

The Story of St Ernan’s Church, Isle of Mull Centenery 1899-1999, private c, 1999

Sunshine and Shadow – The Story of the Baptists of Mull. Meek, D E, Tiree Books 1991

Taking Off. Hesketh, B, New Iona Press 1997, ISBN 0-9516283-8-0

Tall Tales from an Island. Macnab, P, Luath Press 1984, ISBN 0946487-07-3

Tartan: The Highland Habit. Cheape, Hugh, National Museums of Scotland 1995, ISBN 0 948636 70 X

Tea with Chrissie – The Story of the Burg and Ardmeanach on the Isla of Mull. Jones, R, Craig Moore Publications 2000, ISBN 0953189015 

Tellers of Tales. Lunghi, Martin (Ed), Toad Wine Press 1996, ISBN 0 9527179 1 3

The Terror of Tobermory. Baker, R,  W H Allen 1972, ISBN 0-491-00409-5

That Illustrious Isle – Iona through Travellers’ Eyes. Macarthur, M, New Iona Press 1991, ISBN 9516283-1-3

Tireragan – A Township on the Ross of Mull.  A Study in Local History. Riddell, C, Highland Renewal 1996, ISBN 0-9527689-0-9

Tobermory Teuchter. Macnab, P, Luarth Press 1998, ISBN 0131-658-1763

The Tobermory Treasure. McLeay, A, Conway 1986, ISBN 0-85177-401-6

Torosay 200, George W. Campbell (Compiler), private 1983

A Tour in Scotland and Voyage to the Hebrides, 1772. Pennant, Thomas Birlinn 1999, ISBN 1 874744 88 2

Tour in the Highlands & Western Islands in 1800. Leydon, Dr John, William Blackwood 1903

Tour through the Highlands of Scotland and the Hebride Isles MDCCLXXXVI [1778]. Knox, John, J Walter 1778 

Traditional Tales of Mull. MacNab, Peter, Brown & Whittaker 1998, ISBN 0 9528428 7 4

Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness, Vol XLIII. Article by R W Munro 1965

The Truer Gold. Mackay, Tom, Strathen Books 1996, ISBN 0 9527421 1 X

The Ulva Familes of Shotts. McAnna, J, private 1991

Unity Mitford – A Quest. Pryce-Jones, D, Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1976, ISBN 0-297-77156-6

A Very Fine Class of Immigrants. Campey, Lucille H, Natural Heritage Books 2001, ISBN 1 896219 10 1

Waifs and Strays of Celtic Tradition. Vol 1. Argyllshire Series. Campbell, Lord Archibald (Ed), David Nutt 1889

A Walk Round Tobermory. Brown, O & Whittaker, J, Oban Times 1988

Walking in North Mull. 9th Edn, Brown, O & Whittaker, J, Brown & Whittaker 2006, ISBN 9781904353096

Walking in South Mull and Iona. 8th Edn,Brown, O & Whittaker, J, Brown & Whittaker, 2010, ISBN 9781904353065

Wanderings in Scotland. Palmer, William T, Skeffington & Sons c. 1950

We Sometimes have Showers. Whitely, John, John Whitely 1990

Welcome to Iona. Brooks, John, Jarrold & Sons 1982, ISBN 0 7117 0036 2

When I was Young. Neat, Timothy, Birlinn 2000, ISBN 1 84158 039 2

Windward of Ithica: Poems of the Odysseus Complex. Kincaid, John, Darien Press 1986, ISBN 0 9511598 0 1

Witness to Rebellion. Brown, Iain Gordon & Cheape, Hugh, Tuckwell Press 1996, ISBN 1 898419 74 7