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Fort Cillchriosd

This fort is situated on the top of a rocky knoll immediately beside (south west) the road from Calgary to Calliach, between Cillchriosd and Sunipol.  The site is protected on the north-east side by a vertical cliff, but on the south-west side there is a short, moderately steep slope rising from a small gully that separates the knoll from the adjacent rising ground.

Little remains of the fort, most of the stone having disappeared, it is thougt due to quarrying.  The single, dry-stone wall surrounded an internal enclosure measuring about 50 m by 23 m.  On the west and south-west sides, intermittent stretches of the lowest course of facing-stones on the outer face of the wall are still in place, together with a thin spread of core material, of which the maximum width is 1.8 metres.

                          Grid Reference NM 373 536