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Crannog, Lochnameal

This crannog was originally an island near the shore of Loch nam Moil west of Aros Park, which, for the most part, was drained in the 1860s.  It lies in forested, marshy ground about 650 m east of Lochnameal Farmhouse and survives as a partly grass-covered mound of boulders.  It is sited on a rocky spine that rises 1 m above the surrounding ground, and is roughly oval in plan, measuring about 14 m by 9 m.

There is no evidence of a timber sub-structure, but the stone causeway that linked the crannog to the shore appears to have rested on a foundation of oak trunks.  The causeway was found when the loch was being drained, as was an oak-built canoe.  The canoe, which measured 5.2 m by 1.1 m, was found near the shoreward end of the causeway.  Other smaller canoes were also found, but all have now been lost.

                        Grid Reference NM 518 527