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Future Proofing Moy Castle

Nancy Franklin's photo of Moy in scaffolding. Summer 2012

Courtesy of Nancy Franklin

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Since 2006 Moy Castle has been permanently cloaked in scaffolding.  At the end of summer 2013 some of the scaffolding on the seaward elevation was removed (new photo to be added) as we had completed this phase of work. Scaffolding was adjusted on the other three elevations to allow for more lime-work down to lower levels as we were given more money from Historic Scotland in late summer 2013.

During these seven years a great deal of work has been completed to ensure the continued survival of this unique building, including the addition of greenheart timber to stabilise the wall walks before they were covered with clay and turf.  Twenty-three new lead drains were manufactured individually, on site, to replace the decayed, earlier stone and slate drains.  Some archaeological work was undertaken on the upper floor prior to a new drain being laid and the floor covered with clay and turf.  Caithness stone slabs have been laid on both wall walk and upper floor to protect the turf.  A new roof was built to help keep rain out of the stair well and a new handrail was manufactured and installed by a local tradesman.  A new drain was installed in the space which we call The Chapel, intended to remove water that accumulated in the newly laid drain on the upper floor.

There is still work to do, but we will need to raise more funds in order to be able to continue.  We need to replace or repair the main door and repair the hinges, which fix into the masonry, and we would like to repair the entrance steps as the original ones are unsafe and difficult to access.